The Transcendence of Dance and EDM Formatting in DJ Cafrii’s Song ‘Sunrise’ is a Contemporary Tang


Utilizing the elemental values of EDM and pop is the upcoming DJ and producer Cafrii and his exclusive musical enrichment with his newly released song ‘Sunrise’.


The scope of contemporary electronic dance music has always been on a dynamic roll as the collective scene goes through social, cultural, and creative changes. Upcoming DJ and producer Cafrii is currently on the rise as one of the most promising creative proprietors in the scope of pop and EDM with his captivating and linear song streams. He recently collaborated with fellow musician Paula Mendes that led to the delightful track called ‘Sunrise’. A creative and artistic fusion of electronic streams working its way along with the restoration of Paula’s vocal prowess, ‘Sunrise’ exemplifies every aspect of what modern-day EDM stands for, both practically and figuratively.

South Korea DJ & producer Cafrii’s  sound is heavily influenced by the compelling modular styles of some of the biggest global representations of EDM like Avicii, Kygo, and Mike Perry. A self-sustained artist working under his independent label called Lemon Records with a distribution agreement with Universal Music Group is quite a feat for someone who is just starting. ‘Sunrise’ has both the lyrical and musical impact of unparalleled arrangements, rhythms, distortions, and modulations to make a place in the global charts. Be a part of this newly found creative analogy of EDM by following Cafrii’s work on YouTube, Soundcloud, and Instagram.

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