Da Twin Prince

Bed-sty Brooklyn New York native
Da Twin Prince naturally started on his path with music at the age of 5, whether it was playing on the drum set at church or just pressing notes on his toy piano. At the time music was simply a thing to do, but now it has grown into a crazed passion. In his music career he has performed at Jay-Zs 40/40 club, featured on the Bronxnet channel for the show ‘Open’ and the Mike Ice show, as well as a special requested performer for several fashion shows and club/lounge appearances.

Da Twin Prince is not a one dimensional artist. From writing and producing his own music to creating with multiple genres; hip-hop, R&B, techno, Rap, Reggea, Neo soul. There isn’t much he cannot do because he has worked hard for this. Music is his passion, his identity, his way to speak to the masses, and he does it with no profanity or degradation of women. His unique style is what separates him from the rest. He has worked on many projects for unsigned and underground artist from producing tracks, to writing, to making beats for artist. Mainly known for his tag,”Swagg Monsta Muzzik” he has done various hooks on tracks He has currently released two singles , “Talk Money Got Swagg” and ,”Stereo Love” from his debut E.P entitled “Imagination Fame”. This unsigned artist is ready for the world to hear his unique style. Snippets of the singles are available on his music page but full tracks are available for download on iTunes, amazon, spotify, google play, napster and rhapsody.



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