DAI á levrés

Interview by Tim Brown

Where did your first concept come from?

I have always been obsessed with keeping my lips moisturized even as a child. I pulled out a tube of lip gloss one day and thought to myself, why don’t I just create my own line so I can stop creating my own allowance just for lip gloss and so that’s what I did.

Which famous lip gloss did you admire? Why? Bath and Body works Mint line.

Were you influenced by any old school lip gloss, and if so, which ones? No

Are you a fan of any other lip gloss? Yes the NYX line

Have you had any lip gloss competitions? Any prizes? Not yet.

How many models does the company expect to have? Six Models

What makes lip gloss good to you? The texture is the most important. Too thin will dry your lips out faster and too thick will make them too sticky. It will also create a white film on the inner parts of your lips.

Why did you choose organic and natural ingredients? I have all Natural Line. Not organic and I wanted to do away with the preservatives.

Describe your beginning batch of lip gloss in comparison to now. The beginning batch was great. The consistency was on point but the latest batch sealed the deal for longevity. It was the perfect texture. Which is what I look for when I am purchasing. I hope we capture the audience with the same feeling.

How do you feel about the lip gloss industry nowadays? I think it’s changed a lot. It is a lot more competition so coming out with something new and exciting is the challenge. We have something we will do with my line that’s a little different but you will have to stay tuned to see what it is. Some companies I feel like have changed their recipes some but I still buy them.

How do you feel about the internet with the beauty industry? I feel like it is great for any business.

What are your plans in the future? My plans in the future is to next create a natural eye shadow line and in the future opening a makeup bar and Full beauty spa. 

Can you briefly describe your lip gloss making process? I have a friend that I work with introducing this whole line and we will be keeping the process a secret.

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