Singer & Songwriter DANJUL has evolved as an artist yet again with his highly-enticing, pop-infused music release “Eyes on you”. The song, which delivers possessive synths and chill vocal showcases DANJUL’s versatility as an artist. “Eyes on you”, punctuated with vibrant ambiance and uplifting waves is a proper nod to the postmodern with respect given to the traditional. Encompassing many elements of electronic dance music, yet in rare form, DANJUL’s latest release is a bold move for the artist as he connects music fans across the world with the sounds most ravenously crave. Stepping out of perceived boxes as worlds collide, DANJUL has taken a firm grip on every single possibility and won’t be letting go anytime soon. Written by: Mika Lucio

Interview by Tim Brown

MTVROCK: Which famous musicians do you admire? And why?
DANJUL: There’s a quite a few but obviously Michael Jackson, Prince, Missy Elliott, Brandy, Justin Timberlake, Madonna. I like an artist who is timeless…and isn’t afraid to be original.

MTVROCK: What makes this kind of music good to you?
DANJUL: If the music you’re listening to makes you feel something or escape, then it’s done its purpose right? Music is supposed to make you “feel” and even “heal” all the artists I mentioned before have made me feel and heal in my ways I can’t explain. They’ve inspired me to become an artist…..

 MTVROCK: What do you consider your musical genre? And why did you choose to record this kind of music?
DANJUL: It’s pop, with a storytelling arc to it. I love musicals and cinematic movie soundtracks and pop music is my favorite genre of music. So trying to combine all those sounds together to make it “commercially” pleasing is a challenge. But I have an amazing team of producers! And we’re figuring it out!

MTVROCK: Let’s talk about your music and your latest single “Eyes on you”. 
DANJUL: Lol, Nice…well my signature sound is still being developed but I wanted to put out a fun, energetic, positive summer song! And my producer and I came up with remixing a song I did on my very first project called “Origin of Times” the song is called “Maddhatter’s View”. So I ended up rewriting it to make it more “commercial” and it kind of became its own song lol, i just used the same lyrics in the chorus but I titled it “Eyes on you” because it honestly wasn’t a remix it was like a whole new song haha.

MTVROCK: How do you feel about the Internet in the music business?
DANJUL: I think it has its benefits for sure, you can now create a platform to gain exposure unlike ever before. You can reach millions with your art now…record labels should be a little scared though.

MTVROCK: What are your plans for the future in your career? 
DANJUL: I like to take one day at a time…but my main priority is “Eyes on you” and getting it out there to as many inviting ears as possible! It’s such a great song! I really believe in it!

MTVROCK: Who worked on “Eyes on you”? It’s such an epic song!
DANJUL: Thankyou, I worked with an up & coming producer named Mitch Maanao in Anaheim CA! We’ve been working together since 2016, he’s very talented. I write my own lyrics and I do my own melodies! Mitch will help out to fix certain things.

MTVROCK: Could you briefly describe the music making process?
DANJUL: It honestly varies, but I always come with a chorus and a verse written. And I’ll tell my producers (I have two Matthew Nelson & Mitch Maanao) What the song is initially about and I tell them the feel and the vibe for what I want the song to sound like. And we just start building….it’s cool to make a song from an idea to real life! I’m like a little kid in a candy store! Willy Wonka style hehehe.

MTVROCK: How did you come up with your artist name? It’s very unique!
DANJUL: It took time, I actually just went under the alias name D.v.o (Driven to Victory by Originality) for a long time! But people kept thinking I was associated with a very old band, I think they were called “DVO”. So I ended up picking letters from my first name and using my bday month which is July! Can finally care up with “DANJUL”.

MTVROCK: Do you have any other new music coming out soon? Or anything that we should look out for?
DANJUL: YES!!!! but you just have to wait and see! But yea, I’ll be releasing new music before 2020! “Eyes on you” is just a Little yummie snack. It’s available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and Tidal! Just to name some stores for the fans! And the haters too (wink) haha!

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