David Walker For Mayor for the city of Memphis.

Memphis has always been known for its blue collar appeal, bbq, music and hospitality, but David Walker has a vision to expand the growth of his city to become a modern economic powerhouse! Running for the 2019 mayor elections in Memphis, TN, Mr. Walker has a ton of initiatives that will reduce crime tremendously, upgrade property value, increase industrial resources and develop a community “hands on” system where everyone wins if they play their part. Mr. Walker stated that his treatment from the previous mayoral runnings were unfair and that he will make it his business to not have the same things occur by shedding light on some of the election’s imperfections. Memphis is the second most unexpected city to succeed by statistical readings, so Mr. Walker is determined to bring outside influences in that will boost not only the economy, but will re-surge the city in multiple categories. In fact, Mr. Walker has a massive plan that’s guaranteed to provide a mass amount of jobs as well as increase the volume of tourism for the phenom attraction. Getting the city’s trust and support means everything to Mr. Walker, so setting high standards is a priority on his agenda for the city of Memphis. His election slogan is “A Better Vision, A Greater Memphis”! Of course, the best of luck to all candidates running for this year’s election, but Mr. Walker has special plans that are sure to stand out and make the people of Memphis proud citizens!

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