Desolo is breaking through the traditional beats and reviving the energy with new tracks

If you are talking about the soundscape and none other than Desolo can do it better. The music streaming platform soundcloud is now facing buzz with the exclusive compositions of this Army Veteran. Desolo who is also known as Jhosep Mena is offering effective beats at which you will love tapping your feet and nodding your head. Since the age of 15, this handsome was thinking of making a difference in the music industry. After he served the army for 8 years, he again started his practices in the field of music. ‘#MeToo’ one of his mind-blowing compositions makes a resemblance with the emotional states of most of the human characters. This track is a great mix of skill and guide and that’s why a listener will love playing it on loop.

As this Young Washington artist Desolo has incorporated various jewels in his musical pieces, most of the compositions by this artist received a crown of smooth song writing. Though the language has been little carried away in ‘#MeToo‘, it leaves a great impression on the listeners. Hip hop, Latin and rap – these are the genres where the artist has worked so far. Some of his musical pieces like ‘Te Extraño’ and ‘ Digital World’ have showcased excellent contrast for the upbeats. The tracks will keep you hooked for hours and encourage you to listen to more of his new creations.

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City :  Olympia, United States

Genre :  Hip hop

Keyword :  Young Washington artist Desolo

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