A band which got their start playing underground clubs and venues in the early 1990′s, Disinterment band became one of the more popular death metal bands in Manila during their time. They were part of the 1990s death metal / thrash metal / punk movement in Manila. This 5-piece force was known for their perpetual windmill headbanging and brutal live performances leaving their audience in frenzy. In the year 2000, Disinterment band started recording their old songs and exclusively released their music in the United States on 2003.

Disinterment Band Discography:
• Defiled Covenant: Written and composed in 1997-1998 by Disinterment; Songs in the album are DisIntro, Despoiled Dominion (Bonus Track Version), Divine Retribution, Dawn of Abomination, Desecrated Remnants, Diluvian Crescent, Desolate Damnation and Darkness Enthralled.

Demoniacal Dispel: Written and composed in 1998-1999 by Disinterment; Songs in the album are Depredated Daemon, Dispossessed, Deluge Prophecy / Delubyong Propesiya, Demoniacal Dispel and Domain Of The Damned.

Domination Defied: Written and composed in 1999-2000 by Disinterment; Songs in the album are DisIntro ll, Decapitating The Devourer, Domination Defied, Devotional Immolation, Dreadful Insurrection, Decimated Descendants and Deceptive Indoctrination.

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