Dr. KK

Kayode Zacchaeus Adebiyi,  Artist name Dr. KK, musician and songwriter.

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Member of American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) &
Gospel Music Association (GMA)

Interview by Tim Brown


Hi Dr. KK, Can  you talk about you, your story, your music… ?

My name is Kayode Zacchaeus  Adebiyi and my Artist name is Dr. KK.
I was born in Nigeria, married to Temitope Gloria Adebiyi and we are blessed with 3 Children named Angel, Destiny and Choice.
I live in Sandy Springs, Georgia, music have been part of me from my tender age, but I didn’t take it as a profession, even though about some years ago I established a bañd called Christ Ambassadors, but because of my Spiritual and humanitarian service I shut it down, Until I recently received a call from God to go back to the music as a Solo artist and a songwriter, in other to reach out to people through musical entertainment.

How you consider your music?
My music is not ordinary music, because I sing to prophecy what people should be expecting in their lives, I sing to good wishes and hope. All my fans or listeners will supernaturally and inspirationally be blessed and be touch through the power of Spirituality from our maker.

Do you arrange the songs?

I arranged and organized my instrumental or beat in my songs, I don’t have band members being a Solo Artist, but I can perform with others as a Vocalist or a backup singer. I can also play some drums and some percussion.

Which is you music gente?

My Music Genre:
Songwriter, Gospel & Inspirational in Rnb, Hip hop, Rock, Soul, Pop, Reggae, Afro, African music and Urban.
I encourage everyone to check out my Albums on all music stores like; Soundcloud, Youtube Music, Amazon, Google music player, iTunes, Spotify and many more.

Can you tell us some contact so our audience can check your music and know more about you?
Contact information:
1805 Harbor Pointe Pkwy, Sandy Springs, 30350 Georgia, USA.
Email address – drkksongwirter@gmail.com.

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