Eshani – Hazy

attachment_161227042904Eshani is an RnB Singer living in Dubai. Releasing her first ever single and music video titled Hazy from her upcoming EP that will be released early 2017. Coming from a musical background Eshani decided to pursue her career as an artist early 2016, focusing on a new genre, a new sound and a new image. The single Hazy is a slow mellow track with a soft RnB twist, and the video in itself plays out the song perfectly as it portrays the relativity of deep hallucinations that can occur in an alternate state of mind. Eshani 25, originally from India living in Dubai is trying to break the mold of a typical organic singer. Teaming up with Boom Box Entertainment & Rayan The Producer (Two Local industry entertainment companies) for her upcoming project has pushed and motivated Eshani to work harder on her music career and invade the world with a completely new sound.
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attachment_161227042831Mixed and mastered and produced by RAYAN.
Recorded at CTG Productions.
Dubai, UAE.

Directed by An Eazy World Peace Film – Ehab ‘Eazy’ Ismail

Powered by Boombox Entertainment.

Special thanks to Mohammad Rayan Bailouni, Ehab ‘Eazy’ Ismail, BoomBox Entertainment, Gerrard Anthony Menon, Joanna Sutari and Nicolette D’souza.

HAZY (Lyrics):

Verse 1
You’re all I ever need,
The days are hard to read,
Without you by my side,
Baby, I get high.

I’d love to see you try,
Tell me the things I like,
Let me fantasize,
Let’s make our story tonight,

Take some time to think about,
All the things that gave you doubt,
Move around, I’d make you mine,
Screaming out will make it right,

Take a little hit, I’m over tonight.
Feel a little hazy, turn off the lights.
Can we make love, take my body high

Verse 2

Fell into the maze,
With memories that never fade.
A love that intoxicates,
Baby, you’re mine.

Blurred in reality,
Lost in a fantasy,
Feels like a mystery
Let’s call this our paradise.


Our touch, our touch, was just a kiss,
Make sure, make sure, it stays like this,
A love that keeps us high.


—– END—-

© 2016 Eshani.