George Arriola

George Arriola has had the love of music since the age of four., George enjoys playing musical instruments, singing and composing several styles of music. Currently, George Arriola enjoys composing Instrumental Rock Music and Vocal Music as well.  Though George appreciates all styles of music his favorite are Instrumental Rock , Progressive Rock, Jazz Rock and Christian Rock Music.  George enjoys having his own Recording Studio where he can go and start creating his music from scratch.  George Arriola has won awards with Billboard Music Songwriting Contest, Jazz Musician of Texas Award for his Jazz Bass Playing and had the honor of opening up with a local band for  Grammy Winners “Petra”, a  Christian Rock band back in the 1980’s! George also played in various Church Bands and was also in a few local bands that played Heavy Metal, Jazz, Pop and even some Tejano Music! George Arriola had his own successful Recording Studio Business open for Ten years.  George would record all styles of music. He would also help out some of his clients by having the honor of composing, performing and producing for them as well.  Nowadays, George Arriola is focusing on still helping others with his musical gift but now is more focused on enjoying his time Producing and Recording his original compositions. He also enjoys producing his own Music Videos but more importantly, George says that he is now doing it like he always wanted to, for the love of music.

“Hey I was contacted by our staff that you have some great songs and I agree so just know we are reviewing ya pages and website/s. Hopefully we can take things further! “For Love” you should really push that song heavy!” – Mike Caren, Atlantic Records, LA


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