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Music Review- Gutta Mayne

Hip hop and rap music zone is one such space that has artists from various backgrounds. Most of the artists and rappers have been the victims of brutal realities yet the beauty of their craft is how they portray such violence in a rhythmic tone. Speaking of such contradicting elements without mentioning the name of Gutta Mayne will truly be unfair. The Arizona native with a very rough childhood memories is a true bearer of name fame, glory and money. Gutta Mayne raps with confidence and power. Each word uttered by him is truth and something he has faced in his life. The attitude with which he performs right from the scratch gives a clear idea that Gutta is born to rule the contemporary rap music gala.

What makes Mayne more rock solid is his passion and dedication for the art form. Amidst the harsh situations, he made it clear that he is going to become a professional and he did it. He got his tracks recorded in a state-of art-facility edited and mixed by professionals. Today his tracks are amongst the most played singles ion SoundCloud. His latest single “Hustla Intro” is Gutta’s life story in his own voice. His ability to jot the most introspective lyrics gets clear in this track. Without a doubt he rapped with perfection in the music piece. Gutta’s debut track “Worldstar” is an amazing party banger with all the necessary elements turns a single into a masterpiece. Finally, “Boss” is what he is. He is indeed the king of his own life and music has a lot to do with it.

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