Happy Curmudgeons Band

The Happy Curmudgeons are a band based in metro Detroit. The band was assembled by Dave Hamilton in 2015 and is comprised of studio musicians (some from the Bob Seger Band). Meant 2 Be was the band’s 1st album release in 2017. 2nd Chances is the 1st single from their second album due out in early 2020. The song was written by Amy Dixon-Lavery and she also performs the vocals. The music was written by Dave Hamilton whose also plays acoustic guitar on 2nd Chances. You can find out more about the Happy Curmudgeons at www.happycurmudgeonsband.com , on Facebook www.facebook.com/happycurmudgeons or Reverb Nation www.reverbnation/happycurmudgeons as well as Spotify. The Spotify link is youtube.com/watch?v=qiqK5R983T0 as of Sept. 30. Their music is available on iTunes and Amazon Music. The artwork was done by Don Campau.

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