Vancouver, Canada – New Canadian pop duo HOFFEY is set to release their debut single Love Is Wild available on all digital platforms July 27, 2018. Love Is Wild portrays a story about the initial euphoric, exciting but also selfishness of new love. Reflected in their own love story, Jordan and Erika Toohey began to write this unique track back in 2014, alongside Executive Producer David Balshaw. What started off as just another love ballad, turned into an exciting mid-tempo tune, fitting for a pop playlist. “This track is really about new relationships and how much you need that person because of how they make you feel. It’s definitely more selfish to start. But once it gets past that point and it turns into real mutual care for each other, it becomes free, unwavering, scary, exciting, selfless and wild all at the same time. To go through everything with someone you love…it’s one of the most hard but beautiful things ever. That’s what Love Is Wild is about” – HOFFEY


HOFFEY is an electro-pop duo based out of Vancouver, Canada. The duo, Jordan Toohey and Erika Toohey, met while studying music abroad in Sydney, Australia in 2014. While writing and performing songs together, they came to the realization that chemistry was not only found in their music but also their love for each other. In 2016 the couple got married and formed HOFFEY as a way to create music together and inspire others. This duo seeks to take it’s audience by surprise with their unique sound, catchy melodies, and rhythmic beats. HOFFEY is set to release their debut track entitled ‘Love Is Wild’ the Summer of 2018.



Official Website: www.thisishoffey.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thisishoffey

Facebook: www.facebook.com/thisishoffey

Twitter: www.twitter.com/thisishoffey

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