Rising talent JAIoftherise, takes no chill to delivering a top tier status to his audience, in reflection of his life experiences and with the objective to bring society closer through his creativity in art and sound. JAIoftherise drops his single Guilty visuals that gives you an Aweing response to the pleasing draw to detail in art and structure of his song deliverance. JAIoftherise also just dropped his single “Save No Soul” which shares a darker rebellious side of his experiences and movement.

JAIoftheRise breaks down all boundaries in expressing emotions within his music to tell his story. JAIoftheRise is a rebellious outcast in his own lane and is unfazed by society’s views or perceptions of him. In a state to want to help others transcending race, color, language, and in offering hope through his music, he is destined to capturing a cult-like following.

Check out Guilty visuals and get the full experience #Oftherise

“Beware the weak for when they are stronger” – Save No Soul

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