Jonathan Alexander

Jonathan Alexander is an American Alternative Indie Pop Rock singer-songwriter. Jonathan’s music career has comprised of playing with various bands in a multitude of genres throughout the years.  With a passion for songwriting and using music to communicate life experiences, Jonathan mixes various genres (Pop, Rock, R&B, Alternative, Indie) to communicate real life emotions, experiences, hopes, dreams, and failures. Alexander’s solo debut EP ’17:34” was Produced & Engineered by Ty Richards, Co-Produced by Jonathan Alexander, and Mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Depeche Mode, The Greatest Showman). The EP kicks off with an upbeat, guitar filled, anthem “17:34.”  The EP features 3 singles “If & When,” “Light On,” and “Better Off Without You” and wraps up with “House on Fire / Smile on Faces” an emotional journey destined to leave listeners wanting more.

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