Josephine Relli

Josephine Relli (musician, actress, model) is making moves with a hot new R&B vibe featuring BrokeBoii – dropped Aug 1! Her talent as an artist has been evolving and in a “Blink of An Eye” (title of her last single) Josephine began to explore more of her creativity. While in LA she connected with Kayree Gale (rapper, model, actor, entrepreneur) from the rap group BrokeBoii, the rest is history! The new single “STEADY” by Josephine Relli Featuring BrokeBoii will hit home to many who may be in transition, confident yet unknowing yet most of all steady in pursuing their dreams come what may…

Be sure to listen and download on ALL platforms August 1st, it’s a vibe you definitely want to ride and have on replay! Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud…

“STEADY” by Josephine Relli Featuring BrokeBoii (Kayree Gale)

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Twitter @Josephine Relli

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IG: Kayree11.11

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