kharYsma Arafat-NZABA

Her artist name is kharYsma Arafat-NZABA with Y character.He is part of the generation that counts in urban music culture and symphonic music in the international landscape.He start her music carreer on 16 years old, when he create her first music label; and release a featuring call: Orphelin ; and a pièce of her songcall: Que ta volonté se fasse, ranked number 1 during 8 month on the internet chart.He then paused his music career to devote himself to his studies where he obtained a master’s in finance.In 2012; it takes advantage of the new France musical environment to launch her first solo album: Inattendu, who was very professional and much appreciated by professional music labels.He get critics, congratulations and his music was on air as international radio and television… his fanbase is increasing day by day on her internet social network, and the concert (showcase in celebrity center) hall was full in Paris(France), more info ==> here
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