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Interview by Tim Brown

Which famous musicians do you admire?
Love Michael Jackson, Isaac Hayes, Dj Quick, Dr Dre and Daz, Jimmy Page
Why? Because of Pure Production. Aside of Michael Jackson: Because to me he was the Big Threat with the Showmanship and Entertainment Value.
The Other Guys were just great at Creating pieces of Music from a space Rather it was a sample, rift, or a chord progression and making
a different kind of pleasing to the ear. All Of these guys in some way or the other are responsible for alot of our favorite musicians inspiration
and arrangements. Changing things in a piece in some of the smallest spaces and creating moments in a song where you have to stop it, rewind,
and play a certain part over and over. This is what I set out to do because of all of these guys.

Were you influenced by old records & tapes?
Of course! I grew up in a house with a sound system in every room. With the Living room having the main system. Reel to Reels, Turn Tables, and a double cassete
were Staple items in our household. With that came with trips to the record store once per month. Either with my father or my brother. My Father always
copping the latest Prince Albums and the oldies like the Manhattans, the platters, and the Ojays to name a few. Id go back up with my brother
and He would get Whodini, Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five, And a lot of singles. My brother had the Dj set up in his room. So these are all
my influences in a nutshell. I’d get so much flavor from whomever was home playing their favorite joints. I learned at an early age about six to be
exact how to play records and what I was feeling and what I wasnt. On top of that I developed my own taste in various songs and Generes.

Who are your favorite musicians?
WuTang, Mobb Deep, Nas, Capone and Noreaga, and The Death Row Era Dr Dre Stuff will always be the staple of my Favorites. Thats the Corner stone of my Rap Ear.
As far as Groups and I mean Im talking Bands here, I love the SOS Band, The Gap Band, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. I literally Keep this work in Rotation
two to three times per week. I love Zepplin, The Doors, The Eagles, and Fleetwood Mac. Also CCR. Alot of people Dont know that I love to play
Classic Rock When Im on the Highway alot. Helps me keep that outlaw edge.
My favorite CDs and I mean Literally I keep buying them even today. You know people walk with your joints out your car or crib. So you just gotta go buy them again.
Dr. Dre the Chronic, CNN- The War Report, Mobb Deep- The infamous, Nas-Illmatic, GhostFace Killah- More Fish AND twelve reasons to die, Beastie Boys License to Ill.
I judge all Hip Hop Based on these albums for my ear. These are my big Favorites. My “must haves”.
Do you perform in public?
Of course. I just recently Got back from Topeka Performing in July or August. I try to get out and perform Nowadays 2-4 times per year.
Describe those occasions?
I try to do Intimiate Concerts and Festivals. I havent been invited as of yet to perform on Television. When I do Television it always tends to lean
towards Branding or Marketing. I have so much fun Performing especially outside. Im usually about my business so I try not to have too much fun!
I Shut it down when I take the stage because I try to keep a high energy Feel mostly because most of my music is built on the anthem. I dont do any stage diving or nothing
I might break something. I dont see nobody catching my big ass.

What makes this kind of music “good” to you?
Good to me is the unpredictablilty of it. Keeping the listeners ears and brain busy. Live for those Tones and Sounds that make you ask what it was
and How I did it. And Why. What makes this ‘good’ is replayablity. My goal is to make you play it. Not to make you “like” it. Maybe in the “CD” era
Id go for the whole “hey, like my song please” thing. I need you to play it a few times and pick it apart.

Let’s Talk about your music and your last work
The Work I do first and Foremost is My Responsibilty to growing my Company O.M.G Entertainment, inc.
Everything I am doing is because of the company. I started this simply to put out artists onto the internet and into the streaming game
back in 2012. People thought I was crazy. It didnt make sense. Along the way the first year and a half I lost my whole team due to differences
and the like so I relocated back to Baltimore With Music I recorded. Well, In order to get that off the ground I hit the road and Got heard.
I put out Mixtape after Mixtape and Single after Single until I found What I thought would be good enough for Retail. By 2014 I Linked up With Big Steve Gee
and Put out “Plug Life” and that changed everything for me. By then I had put out two videos and about 5 or 6 singles retail. Fast Forward to 2018
I Dropped “Rambo”. Right off the Heals of a break in 2017. Rambo Came together by Producer/Beat Maker from Atlanta Known as Chinaman Hustle. Who
is Respected in his own right and building up his resume as we speak. I put out Rambo Early this year and have Im up close to 100k streams and Making
things shake a little. I teamed Up with my Engineer From Milwaukee Cyco Thah Urchin Who Came in and Touched it up and Gave me that Fire Closing verse.
We’ve worked together now a few years to get our chemistry up and we are working on “Road Kill” which is the Project Rambo comes from.

How do you feel about the internet in the music business?
Thats a good question. I never gave much thought into How I “feel” about it. I just saw it as “The next new thing” back in ’07. The day I actually
Saw an iphone is what made me move in this direction. Back when You could only get it with AT&T. On one hand I love the economy of it. I love how I was able
to build a successful company and bring in revenue and cashflow from all over the world in less than five years. I love that. I love how I can automate certain things
and save money therefore have money for the marketing side. I love all of that. Also if you have remotely any marketing training and sales training you can literally
bait the world into your sales funnel with pretty images and videos. NOW.. the Cons. I do not like the “fly by the seat of your pants” side of the business.
These are the guys and girls that sometimes take up all the attention fooling people into thinking they are important. The internet has given anyone a platform
and a “free” following. I dont like that so much. People hang on to their words because for the brief moment it appears any of these people can do something for
each other. Meanwhile a bunch of bad information gets passed around and the blow back from this is good people dont get heard, including the people indulging in this.
Also More blowback is great platforms lose credibility because of the audience and crowd it creates. I dont think this is done on purpose. Im just not sure people understand
that a platform is a platform and if you infulence a pair of eyes you’ve influenced several brains. So I dont like that. SO its a love/hate relationship.

What are the plans for the future?
World Dominance. I need everyones soul I plan to take them all. Dry humor relax.
The future really is about getting out these projects I currently have in the chamber. The immediate future is looking like a release from Pops Jr.,
Me sometime in January maybe Mid February, and From here to then Several appearances and Interviews Pushing our Singles. Throughout 2019 Im working on
a project with Kansas Producer Jslim the Beatmaker. This project is untitled but We’ve gotten alot of work done on it and Press Releases will go out as soon
as I get a handle on the business side of this project. What you will also see is O.M.G Entertainment, inc. Upping the Visual game across the board.
We have some Variety Shows in the works formatted for the web. Just Shorts. Lots of them. We will also be Expanding our way of distribution with this
and providing more visual content to our partners.

How has your music evolved since you first began playing music?
I think the biggest evolution is in the development of chorus lines and hooks. Ive done a lot of simplifying things and making Hooks Complex in
their own simplicity. I had to also evolve my vocal tone and energy. That took some time and practice but that was a place I had to get into.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process?
Real simple. Thats always how ive made it. The process starts with a strong Drum. I need that drum to tell me what the story is.
Once I get the type of synth or chord on top This tells me what the hook or chorus will be. Once we have this I “live” with the hook for sometimes up to
a day or just a few hours to sometimes the minute I write it. All of this gives me the actual concept of the Song. I do every single portion in sections.
Sometimes its Fast. Other times not so fast. I go solely on how the Drum makes me feel.
omgrizzlyent at Gee Mail Dot Com 

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