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My name is Knowledge Cee and I have an Associate Degree in Computer Networking. Currently, I am going to college for Network Security. Ever since the age of 12, I have been making Youtube videos from gaming, tutorials, comedy and now interviews. Making videos is a passion of mine as well as having a successful business. My website is that is where I interview people and provide tech services remotely or in New York. If you want to hire myself you can contact me on my website.
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1.When did you start creating videos ?
I started creating videos at the age of 12 with a capture card and my Xbox360. Then I started to make tutorials and blogs. Now, I am conducting interviews and developing my Music Video making knowledge and ability.
2. How can your company help the music industry ?
I have an extensive skill set in advertising using Facebook/Instagram ads, Google Adwords and Instagram influencers. Also, I have an Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop CS6 and an Adobe Certified Associate in Graphic Design and Illustrations using Illustrator. With that being said, I have experience perfecting images and creating graphic design. I also have an Associate degree in Computer Networking. With the knowledge from college I can perform tech support, set up technology and building websites etc. My partner Kelvin Rodriguez is a professional coder who also helps me develop apps. If social media was a school I would have two post graduate degrees. I been on social media since 2003 and ever since then I been learning marketing strategies.

3. How do you feel about the internet in the music business?
I believe that the internet is the best thing that happened to the music business. Now, you have the option to promote and make passive income by yourself. The work that you put in to promote and gain followers is the outcome you get back. A label is now an option of the past. Who wants to sign their life away? Wasn’t the goal to be your own boss and work for yourself? With the internet, anyone can become entrepreneurs instead of puppets.
4. What are your plans for the future?
In the future I want my business to take over the entertainment and tech business. My business should be in the marketing, advertising, app development and web development sector in the music industry. I would like my Youtube channel to be a platform where artist want to come on to speak their word.

6. What is music to you?
Music is my therapy. If I did not have music, I would of probably lost my mind. Music controls my emotions. If I want to be happy I listen to hiphop/trap/rap, if I want to be sad I put on R&B, if I want to get trashed I put on EDM. Music puts me in a different world. I always wanted to make my own music maybe in the future that will happen.

7. Name one person who you would want to work with in the music industry? 
I want to work with Max B because he is the most influential person in the rap industry at the moment. He had people singing and saying owww in the 2000s when the streets of New York was less gentrified. I see his music as “Hood Blues” because it made people feel his struggle and pain but uplifts them. Rappers like Wiz Khalifa, the ASAP Mob, Future, French Montana and many more are on his side because he is a man of respect. He left his mark with fans all over the world with his remixes, songs and personality. I listen to his music almost everyday for inspiration and it would be my pleasure to be his photographer or tech person.

8. Can you give some words of advice for artist that are coming into the game?
You need good time and money managing skills in order to be successful in this game. I would tell every artist to get a day job until they make it. Everything you want to do requires money. Studio time, photography, graphic design, web design even interviews require money. When you have money you can start to build your brand at its finest. No one wants to hear a song recorded off your phone and no one wants to see your music video recorded with a toaster. Quality beats everything.

9. Who are some influential people that have impacted your life in the music industry?
I met Jessie Daniels from Force MDs and had multiple convos with him about what happens when you get money, regrets and other topics. Stack Bundles and Chinx Drugs because they are from where I am from. Not many people make it out alive from where I am from. Sadly, both passed away. Those two names are people who motivate and inspire the people that are from where I am from because they grinded until they made it. I would also like to say Max b, Joey Bada$$, Capital Steez and Mac Miller as well because their music kept myself happy during depressing times.

10. If someone wants you to manage them, what are the requirements ?
In order to work with myself, one must have good budgeting skills and be a man of his word. If you say you are going to show up at a networking event, I would believe that you are coming. A man of his word is a man. You must be a person who is dedicated as much as I am going to be dedicated to your career. A person who wants myself to manage them should be disciplined and always be ready to work. I would also want the person to have resources and always networking for more resources.

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