LIL BREADD was born in a small city in the United Kingdom, he started to make music after seeing how popular Soundcloud artists such as Lil Pump were getting. LIL BREADD has gone by other names but after making music with another small artist, Dead Father, he stuck with this persona. He first started making music using a cheap £10 microphone bought off Amazon but has since upgraded his equipment after improving his style.
LIL BREADD is heavily influenced by many other under grounds artists, he started listening to $UICIDEBOY$ mid way through 2016 and that’s where his love for rap came from. His biggest influences in 2018 are, Comethazine, XXXTENTACION, LIL TOENAIL and City Morgue. It took a while for Him to find his own style and flow for his songs but he has found that and is looking forward to showing others what he can bring to the table.

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