Los Angelenos

Los Angelenos return after two years and several raging wildfires with their sophomore album, Unburnt. They’ve shifted the lineup around to include Jim “Red” Warner on guitar and bass (as well as the lion’s share of songwriting duties), while AndyK now plays keys and bass full time and Dan Reed continues to bash away at his drums. The new album has a more structured and organic feel, ditching the electronic beats and jams in favor of focused songs and hooks. This is in some part due to the impeccable production assistance provided by Jacob Danos, who doubles as the graphic artist of the cover also. The lyrical content ranges from adolescent timidity to heavier themes such as racism and complicated relationships. Musically eclectic: ranging from Beach Boys-era pop to classic rock to Black Sabbath heavy tones to Motown R&B. Overall, an eclectic musical mash up. Pent up rage at the horror of race and aching for love, the silliness of playful lust, poppy foot tapping let looseness, frolicking through Elvis’ secret passion for punk and the seemingly endless road of addiction all blend together in this gift they give. Don’t think too hard, just enjoy it. Special thanks to Fiverr musicians David Spencer, Joe DiFiore, and Tommy Leb, who all contributed additional parts to the album.


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