Lytravion – Artist of the Month (May 2019)

Born Antonio Lytravion Harvey is an upcoming artist from Cordele Georgia. The pop artist first studio album “The Life of Lytravion” debuted at the #3 spot on iTunes. Who is Lytravion? The pop artist “You know growing up I was faced with many test and as youth in the black community in the modern day “ghetto” it’s kinda hard to escape you know. I endured some much pain emotionally that the only way I felt I could escape was through music. I started off as a hip hop artist but my life required more my music my vocals and brain expected more and one day I changed paths and my versatility was born. I feel in love with pop, rock, reggae, basically all music. So I never really enjoyed titling myself as a hip hop artist. If I could place a label on myself and my music I would classify myself as the everything artist.”

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