MAGNUS in 1st place with his Christmas song „MEMORIES OF CINNAMON“

On the 1st place in the iTunes Charts for Christmas 2018 was not Wham, Maria Carey, Paul McCartney or other well-known artists but completely surprise MAGNUS. His hit “Memories Of Cinnamon” already ran in 2017 on some radio stations. In December 2018 Magnus released a new version of the song.

„Memories Of Cinnamon” was also successful on the radio at home and abroad and was played long after Christmas until the end of January 2019. It was nice to hear something new for Christmas and not always the same every year. The MAGNUS song has the potential to be played over many years of Christmas.

More about MAGNUS
MAGNUS is a musician from Europe who already had chart hits with his songs “Out” and “Higher And Higher”. His style of music is very different. He has already released pop, rock, EDM, funk and ballads. He calls his music itself a sophisticated pop music. In autumn 2019 he releases his second album called “OUTSIDE”. Magnus has already released 11 singles.

All songs by Magnus are very successful on radio in many countries.


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