Mr. Bliss

Mr. Bliss is a blues/rock band formed in Los Angeles CA. The idea is to make a combined the sounds of the good old blues and the new digital effects of our era.
With our unreleased debut album “Green”, we present a concept based in life itself, life situations with a hint of a spiritual awakening message. The project has a feel of chill vibes combined with tasteful blues guitar licks along groovy and sticky rhythms. The overall message from this album is trying to spread the word of being free, finding and accepting ourselves despite what other people say. Songs cover topics such as love/relationships based on some of the band members experiences with language that everyone can relate to.
From tracks like “Slow Blues” and “Crawling” that delve into breaking through the noise of thoughts and fear in order for us to pursue our dreams and goals. To the first single “Time Machine” that expresses in a futuristic way the “moving on” process from within the eyes of someone stuck in the past, without being able to go forward because of a significant other. This album brings some bluesy grooves like “Energy” and the upbeat “Don’t Mind” that talk about relationship situations.

The band members are Rafa Hadad (lead guitar/Vocals), Gabe Conover (Drums), Pedro Asfora (Bass/Backing Vocals) and Bobby Carpenter (rhythm guitar/backing vocals).
This album is made up of eight songs reflecting on multiple areas of life. The biggest influences that drive and shape the sound of the music are Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys and Jack White, among many others

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