Murc Jones

At the early age of 12 he made the decision of making hip hop his #1 priority. This artists name is Cary Edwards and in this brief summary I will be stating facts and tell you about him, and the history of him as an artist. It all started in the 5th grade in the back of his math class he states ” I will never forget”.

He was writing songs into his notebook, when all of a sudden he had gotten caught by the teacher and he took my verse off my desk and read it in front of the whole class” is what he stated.

He felt so embarassed,and from that moment on he knew that hip hop and himself had a bond that couldn’t be broken. Moreover from there on… he kept on rapping eventually till I turned the age of which I am now 21. From New Jersey born in Livingston, raised in Newark, lived in Irvington, and Woodbridge but Murc represents all areas of New Jersey. He also lived in New York for a year or two. ”It’s not where your from its where you’re at” is what he stated.

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