My Father’s House Records

When was My Father’s House Records founded?

My Father’s House Records LLC was founded May 03, 2011.

Which famous musicians does the label admire? Why?

The label admires The Clark Sisters, Marvin Sapp, Hezekiah Walker, etc. Their are so many artists that the label admire. These are the artists and musicians that had brought me through so troubling times in my life.

In which city was the company founded?

My Father’s House Records LLC was founded in NY.

Being that the company is now signing artists, what types of talent is the label looking for?

My Father’s House Records LLC will be sign artists that are inspirational /Gospel.

What are the exciting expectations for My Father’s House Records.

The exciting expectations are: bringing back family participation, raise the children to be self sufficient, responsible, trustworthy, respectful, and that only happens when the neighborhood take responsibilities in raising the children. Helping each other to live in this society most important value is to have Faith!!

Describe the type of events that are up and coming for the company!

The up and coming event are: The 70’s Players Ball, The Gospel Festival, Valentine Red Carpeted walk, The Many Hats Of a Women seminar, Hats of to you dad. All of these events are annual and their are specific reasons for the events that will be explained on a future interview.

What makes your talented artists stand out from others?

My Father’s House Records LLC artist will stand out because of the anointment, they will not just be singing because they can sing, it is all about the anointment of GOD!!

Does the company have a website, and if so, what is the address for it?

Yes we have a website,

Let’s talk about the company’s last work…

We handled the management for artists.

How does M.F.H feel about the internet in the music business?

The internet in the music business has no limitations, I see the broadness of negativity and It has no respect for people of in a humane society.

What are the plans for the future?

The plans for My Fathers House Records LLC has no limitations. We as a unity will have the blessing of Greatness and Expansion until sky becomes limited.

How has your music evolved since you first began the company?

The music making process is the following: writing a song, great melodies, hooks or better words, arrangements intro verse, chorus, vocals, the mix and then mastering. I am a music major so that came easy for me.

Could you briefly describe the music-making process? 

Giving the fans what they want, creating a diverse sound and creating a perfect song!

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