No Signal

No Signal SOD EPK July 2019 Welcome to the mind of a “digital native”. No Signal creator Riley Schmelzer was raised on the Internet with virtually every video, news clip, song and image available to him. This immersive experience gave him a unique perspective that is notably wide and deep. At age 14 Riley expressed his views by writing, singing and playing every instrument on his debut

EP “Circle in the Sky”. Specifically going against the grain of the “poppy” 3 minute cookie cutter dribble designed to be consumed by the masses that follow every social trend and Kardashian tweet he chose to create a series of stories that intonate warnings to the human race that serve both as a foreshadow to where the world is headed if we do not start fighting for the planet and all of its inhabitants, and as a reminder to the corporate war and political hate machines that “the youth are watching you and it will be our turn to lead soon”.
The result is a very analog view into this digital world. No Signal will release their 10 song debut LP “Seat of Dreams” July 18, 2019 all written, performed and recorded by 16 year old front man Riley Schmelzer. This album was over a year in the making and will surely turn heads in the months to come.

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