Hailing From: New Orleans, Louisiana
Instagram & Twitter: @officialrealrap

O’fficial is a female rapper, best known for her work in battle rap. She is one of the premiere femcees in the world, often described as one of the best battle rappers in music history. Affiliated with the #0017th imprint, O’fficial is now setting her sights on becoming one of the best and brightest emcees in rap/urban music. Her lyrical skills are so notorious that the legendary Snoop Dogg himself has co-signed her.

Interview by Tim Brown

– Tell the readers a little about yourself

I am a well known female artist from New Orleans Louisiana. I am very poetic, hardworking, creative, and motivating. 

– How did you get into music? 

I got into music after high school. I was doing some research online and reached out to a lot of rappers. They gave me a chance to showcase my talents on their platform 

– Who were your musical influences? 

Lil Wayne, Anita Baker, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Tupac, and Mia X.

– Growing up, what one person influenced you the most & why? 

Mia X – just the fact that she can be surrounded by so many talented men, but still stick out and be very unique. Also, my Mother – she showed me that you can’t get anywhere in life without working for it.

– What do you have coming up in terms of musical projects? 

I have an EP coming up. I will also be working with other extremely talented artists from New Orleans.

– What’s in the future for your career?

BET, MTV, Billboard, and the Grammys.

– What other avenues are you involved in as far as music goes?

I battle rap around the world, I play piano, I write song in different genres, and I also write for others. 

– If you had one piece of advice for a younger you, what would that be? 

Don’t procrastinate and Number 2 is never an option! 

– Where do you see your career in the next 2, 5 and 10 years?

BIGGER AND BETTER – touring different states, music on the radio, and just being happy with my career.

Instagram & Twitter – @officialrealrap 

Facebook – Jessica Fisher

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