Prakash Neupane

Prakash Neupane: A Rising Star in Nepal’s Growing Global Music Presence

Prakash Neupane is a Nepali Rapper born on March 25 th, 1997 in beautiful city of banke at Kohalpur, Nepal. Music is his passion which has led him to this position of notoriety he holds today. He had spent his entire childhood in Kohalpur with his complete introversion, being a shy person and didn’t showed up on stage until his 7th standard.He moved to Kathmandu after completing his completion of schooling. He continued his higher education at Morgan International College and also started his musical journey.
“From “nothing” to “something” and “something” to now again” More than that ” this feeling of self manual realization and aim of executing something at Nepali music had been my strength.”
Prakash used to write poems and slam poetry since his childhood . Prakash feels he had nothing besides himself to rely upon, so poetry and eventually songwriting became his main thin dig at something of poems and then poems to Composition of songs and that to again a rap music and he have more plans for still doing more , giving more at Nepali R&B and hiphop.
There’s always something which had apprehended him to write the poems to rap .Basically a rap itslef is a branch of slam poetry. It’s an assortment of emotions with words. It was his emotion , feeling and self awareness that motivate him to perform or write a song.
These days he have my entire focus only at rap line even more.
He entered into Nepali music industry with his first single “Aaideuna” which was not so successful but “U Got Me” is his most ambitious project yet, which now has 1 million Youtube views! It’s helped him to gain recognition & success in the Nepali Music industry — fusing the mind of a storyteller and producer together to create a romantic love tale of survival.
He has already released three albums, including 30 songs yet & has done featured with several famous Nepali artists like Girish Khatiwada, Amit Dangol & Jovan Bhuju and international artist like Delon & Marvelous. He is quickly becoming one of the most successful & famed Rappers in Nepal’s growing Hip Hop community.

Instagram: @prakashnephop
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