Pretti Emage

a candid interview with Pretti Emage

First of all tell us about the start of your professional career? We formed the group professionally back in 2016. As sisters we’ve always been in the entertainment business since 5 & 7 years old dancing, singing in the perfoming arts. Our Father has been in the music industry as a writer and rapper for years. We went to our Father and told him we wanted to do music and start our own group and he told us that if we were serious then its going to take hard work and dedication and that we would have to be up for the challenge.

What advice would you give to beginners who are nervous? We will tell them to follow there dream no matter what. Step out on faith and believe in yourself. And it’s okay to be nervous but don’t let that distract them but instead use it to fuel that burning desire to be successful and keep pressing.

When you decide it’s time to make a new record, is that more exciting or stressful? Both. It’s exciting but at the same time stressful because your competing against yourself. You want to make sure that every record is better than the next so it creates a competitors heart within you to always strive to out do yourself each time. And of course you’re always going to be your worst critic. LOL!

How easily do songs tend to come to you? To be honest soon as we hear a beat that were feeling it opens a door way to our creativity and things just starts flowing. We first come up with a hook together and if it’s a song where we’re going back and forth together on the verse then we write our verses together. But if we both have seperate verses on a song then we lock ourselves up in  separate bedrooms, that we nicknamed “the dungeons” LOL, to be alone to write and create our master pieces and we don’t come out til we’re done. That’s how serious it be for us.

What’s your motto or the advice you live by?   
Baby Girl: “If you want better you have to strive and work hard for better.”
Mizz  Attitude:  “Your future depends on what you do today”.

What is you favorite song to belt out in the shower/in the car right now?           
Baby Girl: Ariana Grande – Thank U,  Next!
Mizz Attitude: Cardi B – Money!

What are your futue goals as a music artist? Our future goals are to travel the world with our music, become a household name, and to win at least a Grammy, MTV or BET music award. All in that order. LOL!

What was your most memorable performance to date? 2018 Community Family Fun Night Festival. Over 2,000 people came out to watch us perform in our home town of Clearwater Florida and it was amazing!! The love and support that we received from everyone was so overwhelming that it had us both in tears!! Everyone knew our songs and there were young kids screaming our names and people pushing each other trying to get to us it was crazy and wonderful all at the same time!! Definitely a memorable moment for both of us.

How can we follow you on social media? You can follow us on Instagram: @Pretti_Emage and on Twitter and Facebook @PrettiEmage or just go to our website at and that will link you to all of our social media, music, promo and memorabilia items as well as our Event calendar so you’ll never miss out on our next show. And you can also book us through our website.

Which one of you is more crazy and outgoing and who is the quiet one? Or is there one? 
Mizz Attitude: Yeah I’m definitely the more crazier and outgoing one more so than my sister! LOL we’re like Night and Day or Fire and Ice! But it’s a perfect combination and balance because we compliment each other. We’re different from each other but just enough that it makes Pretti Emage the perfect match.
Baby Girl: (giggles) Yes I’ll have to agree my sister is definitely the wild and crazy one and I’m more laid back, quiet and reserved. But I do know how to turn the switch on and off when its time to perfom. When I step on stage it’s like something takes over and beast mode kicks in! It’s like I’m a different person on stage and I just let myself go and give into the moment.

Any upcoming projects we need to be on the lookout for? Yes be on the lookout for our Freshman album coming out in March called “The Playlist”. It’s complete with 12 of the hottest songs that will take you on a rollercoaster ride. You’re guaranteed to cry a little, dance, laugh, party, fall in love, get crunk and Turn Up!!  Each song is entirely different from the next. The entire album is a blend of Hip-Hop, Pop and R&B that’s why it’s called “The Playlist”. So look for it in March.

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