Company founded in 2012 brand marketer for the entertainment industry business card design expert graphic design intro videos for YouTube Instagram Facebook and Twitter expert in Google Yahoo marketing generating fans from across the world a guaranteed five star brand.

Interview by Tim Brown

1-When and why did you start brand marketing?
I started brand marketing building my fanbase in year of 2012. I always enjoyed the entertainment industry and I found my way by brand marketing to enjoy what I really want to do. the process is a great Road but through hard work I can and will conquer and move towards my future in Brand marketing!

2-Which famous musicians do you admire? Why?
Famous musical individuals that I admire to name a few. Individual artists such as DJ Khaled P Diddy Gucci Mane T.I. but in all I enjoy all types of music in the industry every artist and most Artists has thier own created ability to make a change in the industry and sent a message to their particular fanbase.

3-Were you influenced by old artists? Which ones?
Yes indeed I was influenced by buy old school individuals such as Michael Jackson Aretha Franklin The Temptations Sheila E. But although there are a lot of great old school artist in the world that has set the foundation for the future of the industry.

4-Let’s Talk about your last work you did and the challenges that you face…
My last work that I did was logo designs and intro video for all social media platforms. Although it is challenging but do collaboration with the artist we can both come up with a great idea on how to present the different designs and perspective of their work and come up with a great work of art that everyone can enjoy.

5-How do you feel about the internet in the music business?
The internet is a great way of communicating and reaching out to artists around the world. Nowadays it is very valuable to have the internet and to be on all social media platforms to pursue business opportunities that you rightfully deserve and work hard for.

6-What are the plans for the future?
My plans for the future is to work hard gain more clients make a way for individual artist to help them build their fanbase as they expand globally to pursue their dreams their hopes and opportunities will be gathered in a great way. I will continue to build a Empire that the world can love and. enjoy and look forward to seeing big things in the near future.

7-How has your brand marketing evolved since you first began brand marketing?
My brand marketing has elevated in a spectacular way since I first started I have learned a great learning of the industry and a understanding on how to pursue and create great work of art for my clients around the world I always come up with new ideas on a daily basis studying and pursuing my goals is much importing so I can provide great services.

8-Could you briefly describe the brand marketing-making process?
the brand marketing process starts with the artist as they give me their ideal on what to make far as a intro video or logo design or business cards. from there we come up with a great idea using their concept along with my concept to meet as one and come up with a great work of art for their Brand.

9. I also see on your social media that you are a brand ambassador for muzmm backpacks. 
Yes that is correct I am a brand ambassador for muzmm backpacks. They are a great company for all types of backpacks for your latest travel plans or workout plans. The company is doing absolutely great right now they contacted me with an opportunity and I was greatly appreciated and willing to be a brand ambassador for their brand. They will continue to do Great designer backpacks in the near future.

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