RichPutt’s ‘She A Freak’ Exemplifies Musical and Lyrical Bundles in the Scope of Modernday Hip-hop

There is no inhibition of lyrical or creative freedoms once you lend your musical instincts to upcoming hip-hop artist RichPutt’s new release ‘She A Freak’. Right from the onset of the song’s free-spirited nature that sways beautifully along with his equally receptive voice, I have led myself savor the elemental bits and pieces of the song with all my heart. A lyrical mellifluousness that explicitly paints a thematic sculpture with everyone feeling a similar connection with the song’s subject gradient, ‘She A Freak’ definitely stands out not just as a super relatable anthem but also as a song representing contemporary hip-hop like no other. 

Charlotte rapper RichPutt has conceptualized a global sound with hip-hop and rap’s eccentricity as the most conspicuous of them all. His career may be just starting out but ‘She A Freak’ resembles his inner potential looking to reach global eternity with its relentless musical freedom of expressions. As I tune into his song for yet another experience of musical undulation, my anticipation for RichPutt’s creative swelling is growing all the more. Follow his work on Soundcloud, Spotify, Reverbnation, Instagram, iheart and iTunes to be a part of hip-hop’s cultural and musical magnification like never before.

Just go for this track ‘ She A Freak ‘ by RichPutt:

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