Rude boii Tha God

New underground Artist Rude boii from the West Side of Chicago continues to shake up the hip hop scene as he continues to release more new music. I been watching this guy for a while now and when I say I rather listen to him than a lot of these others young guys that’s putting out music today I really do mean it.He is one very talented guy, just a few months back he released The Rebirth of Rude boii Mixtape on all major platforms.
He is already in the studio getting ready to release a new album. The title is unknown at the moment but sources close to him were able to tell us that he plans to release the album by the end of the year. He is still releasing new music and will continue to release new music until the unknown album is finished. By the end of the week he plans to release another track called Trials & Tribulations.
Rude boii just recently dropped the highly anticipated singles called “Live Life” and “Dedicated.” Live Life has a club ready feel with Rude boii’s unique delivery and energetic strong flow its the perfect combination but the track Dedicated and is the complete opposite its smooth and have a laid back feel much reminds me of some old school 2 Pac.. He plans to release a new track called “Trials and Tribulations by the end of this week. That’s possible to be some of the hottest new music that the summer seen thus far for the Hip-Hop scene
If you are looking for rap music that is the best of the best you should check out this Artist youtube channel and subscribe. You can also follow his social media Facebook and Instagram as well . This Artist is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

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