Saqred is an independent and unsigned Gospel Artist and performer. Saqred continues adventuring in gospel related events, volunteering at local churches, and engaging with several organizations. Saqred ministers at various community venues with his musical gifts. Saqred has received recognition, respect, and props around the community limits. Saqred receives such credits for music production, songwriting, including arranging. He has received many raves from various artists and musicians, including Fred Hall Hudson, (producer, engineer, musician, writer, and member of The Heavenly Stars), Terrence Lewis, (producer, engineer, and musician, also Grammy/ Stellar Award Nominee Producer), Billy Dorsey with The Bridge Life (songwriter, Vocal Coach, Grammy Producer, and singer), Mark Winters for I Told U Entertainment (CEO/Owner), and Fred Williams, (artist, musician, and assistant coach for the WNBA Atlanta Dreams), last but not least from GBG Records is Zachary and Ashley Engram, two talented musicians, artists, engineers, and vocalists, which specifically complimented his style on all music genres.




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