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Stuart Styron has released another album on 01.August.2019. The title is “Yournightversal”. After a short interview with Stuart Styron, we got the following information. The title “Yournightversal” is a composition of “Your-Night-Versal”. It stands for “Universal”. The theme in the album is largely about the universe, but also about romantic nights here on earth. The lyrics to the songs can be read at Stuart Styron`s personal favorite songs are “Astronaut” and “Like A Robot”. For the song “Astronaut” the text contains only “We find a way out”. Dedicated to all astronauts who had technical problems in space and whose lives were in danger. This text may also refer to other things here in reality. A dynamic song with earwig mentality. The song “Like A Robot” is about sometimes feeling like a robot. If one does not listen to his intuition and is only controlled by other things or negative people. An emotional song. The album is also a live production. Produced and recorded at that time in 2006. Remastered from September 2018 until July 2019. The guitar sound without cut recorded as well as the vocals were not edited. Everything is “pure”. At that time on “Tape Cassettes” and “Recordable MD (MiniDisc)”. The cover shows artist Stuart Styron recording live the album “Yournightversal”. The album is one of the first works of German-Aramaic Artist from Germany, Arnsberg. Well, now available worldwide in all stores as a digital variation.

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