New Album “Styronia” from the german-aramaic artist Stuart Styron.

“A Fanatic Fantastica Improvisensational. One of the highest creative creation from Stuart Styron. A neverending force during the live session. Made in Styronia!” “Passion, Mercy, Kerosene, Blood, Tenderness, Sadness & Force”

“Fanatic Fantastic Live Performance Until Music Dies. Recorded at Leaving Reality Studio on one of the strongest purest production night since starting music. Welcome To Styronia!”

“Viva Improvisensational! To penetrate the highest form music. And in the frequency completely enter. If one follows this improvisation, one is also “live” there. Everything has been manifested here and now without imagination or idea. All thoughts of the artist during the session should be for a normal music connoisseur “audible” understandable. To find new ways, the optimum is pure creativity to work out of a found melody. Here begins Art. For one’s consciousness there is no higher gift. It is healthy, valuable and massive open the horizon. The more often you do it, the more it changes the personality and existence, without registering it. One can suddenly understand many things in life and everyday life, the relationships are obvious and you always have new options when it gets complicated again in life. Nothing must be final, it goes on and on … ”

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Stuart Styron – Styronia (Album Set List)

1.Baroque 3000

2. Garlictica (Director`s Cut)

3. Factoria Destinia (Director`s Cut)

4. Concept Fiction (Director`s Cut)

5. Fatamorganica Poison (Director`s Cut)

6. Discovery Planet Styronia – Part I (Director`s Cut)

7. Highest Planet Styronia (Final) – Part II (Director`s Cut)

8. The King Of All Robota (Director`s Cut)

STYRONIA` Is Taken From The “A Leaving Reality Archive” 2011

Music & Concept by Styron
Live Performance / Improvisensational

Copyright  2019 by Styron
Copyright  2019 by A Leaving Reality Production

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