T.Y Streetz

In 1993 ,T.Y Streetz, whose real name is Tylan Rogers, moved from California to Louisiana as a child. While in school, he became interested in creative writing. Due to traveling from state to state while his father was in the military, he was subjucted to a wide variety of music and genres. Eager to learn more about music, T.Y Streetz began to learn how to play the piano, saxophone, and drums. Incorporating the skills learned throughout his adolescent years he became fluent in writing, recording, performing, and also producing. T.Y Streetz formed StreetKingsMusic in 2009 and gained notoriety in the New Orleans area which lead him to produce for artists such as B.G and Juvenile of the Cash Money Hot Boys and Former No Limit artists Fiend and Mia X. While furthering his education and skills at Full Sail University, he began working on his own projects as an artist being self sufficient and venturing off into other music related aspects of the industry. He is always open-minded providing consultation and business strategies to the masses while working with other producers and artists diligently. StreetKingsMusic continues to expand and plans to bring it’s brand and quality music to the world.
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