We are the vibrantly uplifting sound & energy of electro artist/producer duo, TAIKA, who reveals the passion of a true innovator and future leader within the music-scene.

In addition as a dedicated artist & producers, we also create dynamic audio mashups, remixes, mixtapes, and our own radio shows, allowing music-fans access to an entire world of sound like they’ve never experienced before…and maybe never will again!

We have just started posting up singles online for all to hear in 2019 – and the love, support, & enthusiasm for our music has already begun to grow at an inspiring pace, confirming that we are on the path we’re meant to be.
And after signing a major production agreement with Komeetta Records, and releasing our debut album; some say that the age of TAIKA has just begun.

With a fantastic crew full of talented friends & fellow music-producers, we encourage and inspire the new generation in the music-scene.

Join us as we take over 2019 with an electrifying set of singles & songs that’ll prove our stunning potential & creativity which will take us to the top of the charts & playlists around the globe.


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