The Adjusted

How new band The Adjusted are following in the footsteps of Curb your Enthusiasm, by clearing a wrongly accused man with an alibi.

• Tyler Reece was cleared of Burglary after being seen in footage for the video for the band’s song.
• Reece claimed he was in Walsall town centre several miles away from the scene of the crime, but the Prosecution continued to charge him.
• He told his defence solicitor Hamza Mustafa that he’d encountered a film crew in Walsall town centre, but had no idea who had been filming until the viral sensation was published on Youtube.
• Once the video was released, Mustafa was able to scour the footage and find Reece, providing him with a solid Alibi.
• Tyler Reece was cleared of all charges by Walsall Magistrates and the case was dropped.

Tyler Reece is a big fan of new band the Adjusted, after the video for the band’s first song ‘Idiocracy’ has seen him cleared of a series of burglaries and break ins across the Walsall area.
In an unlikely coincidence Reece had decided to travel into Walsall from his home on Reedswood Way on the Beechdale estate to do some shopping when he encountered something unusual. ‘I was walking through Walsall when I seen a bloke dressed as Trump sitting on a saddle statue swigging Gin! I couldn’t believe my eyes.’ Said Reece.
He continued ‘I stopped and watched him for a bit, wondering what was going on, the guy was shouting and saying what a terrific, wonderful place Walsall was, which I thought was odd, when I saw the camera opposite and realised it was being filmed.’

Tyler Reece probably wouldn’t have thought much more about his unusual encounter with the President’s Doppelganger, until a few days later he was asked to attend Bloxwich Police station to answer questions about a spate of burglaries across the West Midlands Borough.
‘At first the questions didn’t seem to be going anywhere, have you ever seen this, have you ever done this, usual stuff, but then they started asking where I was the Tuesday before and I sussed they were gonna try and hang it on me.’
As the interview went on, Reece’s suspicions were confirmed when he was arrested and charged with several Burglaries that had happened across the Willenhall and Darleston areas of Walsall on the same day in the previous week.

It was only when Reece spoke to his Defence Lawyer Hamza Mustafa that he realised he might have an alibi. ‘Hamza asked me what I’d been doing that day, so I told him I went into town for some papers and a look round, then I remember the guy dressed as Trump and the film camera.’

Unfortunately for Reece and Mustafa no one knew anything about any filming taking place across Walsall town centre.
‘If I could find the footage I thought this would be all over very quickly’ Hamza Mustafa recalls telling himself ‘someone somewhere had been filming that day, I just had to find out who’
The incident echos the case of Juan Catalan, a man falsely accused of murder, when footage of him on the background of a baseball game filmed for the hit HBO show ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ proved his innocence.
However the road ahead wasn’t as straight forward as that for Mustafa, as no one knew anything about the town centre filming. ‘I contacted everyone, local film & TVstudios, universities, colleges, local youtubers, there were no answers anywhere.’
It seemed like Tyler Reece would have to fight the charges in court until the Adjusted released their video across social media.

Reece explained his joy at hearing the video, which features a nightmarish version of Donald Trump causing havock around his local town centre was finally released ‘One of my sister’s heard about it first, she was watching facebook for any mentions of Donald Trump in Walsall, and she found it.’ However Reece still didn’t know if he was seen in the video.
Mustafa explained ‘It was still a relief as we knew there was a chance he’d been edited out altogether, but at least we had a name and could attempt to contact the film makers finally to get their out-takes.’ But as luck would have it, they didn’t have to wait that long ‘I nearly fell off my chair when `I saw the video’ Mustafa went on ‘there was Tyler appearing full screen, like he was part of the video!’

The only thing remaining was for the mad cap band to send a statement of when they shot the video in Walsall which they were only too happy to do, explained Lead singer and Trump impersonator Adam Justed ‘We recorded ‘idiocracy’ in protest of the state of the world, in the vague hope that it could help take down Barak Obama’s criminal after-birth Donald Trump, but instead of helping catch a criminal, it helped free an innocent man. We’ll take that though.’

It was not without sacrifice for Justed though ‘When we shot the video I had a Donald Trump mask, but it kept falling off, so I superglued it to my face. I don’t recommend that though, the mix of sweat, latex and glue gave me chemical burns!
As for Tyler Reece, all charge have been dropped and he’s left to look forward to more music ‘The band told me they were recording more material and gonna shoot another video, so I’ll be on the lookout in Walsall for someone dressed as Boris Johnson or Kim jon un!’

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