THE ADJUSTED is an elusive British Rocker is giving their blood. Literally.

The secretive rock artist is selling portraits painted in his own blood in order to fund more music and videos.

The Reverse Banksy.

Banksy, widely rumoured to be Robert Del Naja, a founding musician behind Massive Attack successfully crossed over from Music to take the art world by storm.

Now a new artist ‘the adjusted’ hopes to cross over the other way

The adjusted first release ‘idiocracy’ is accompanied with a video of a familiar blonde, wild haired politician roaming around a deprived town causing mayhem.

Why the anonymity?

‘Adam Justed’ explained: “I remember learning about the Beatles White album, it was a masterstroke in design, in a time where album covers were becoming increasingly colourful and intricate, the Beatles did the opposite and made a stark, white sleeve, it was brilliantly successful as it stood out amongst the crowd.

So in a modern world, where everyone craves fame above all else, I simply choose to not pursue it, I don’t want it. Its about the music pure and simple.
Plus if I do a video on Kim Jon il, I don’t want to be Novichoked!”

Is the video supposed to be Boris Johnson or Donald Trump?

“I wrote idiocracy as I watched Donald Trump’s rise to power, but its really applicable to Boris Johnson as well, they’re both the same ignorant figurehead of stupidity propped up in power as a reaction to the rise of the Liberal Elite.

Not that I’m really a liberal, if anything I’m an anarchist, the system’s wrong, the game is rigged. I vote, but I understand people who don’t, you swap one lot of spoilt power hungry idiots for another.

The morons we vote for are not prepared to be public servants, they’re career politicians.

I’ve lived with the consequences of the actions of the liberal elite, that they themselves will never have to face, untapped and untracked immigration, war torn streets, people choosing state handouts as a career path.

But however bad things are, the answer can’t be Trump and Johnson.
The Fart and Cock of politics.”

Suffering for your art is something Adam has experience of, whilst filming the video for ‘idiocracy’ the mask he was wearing kept falling off, so he went to extreme lengths to address this.

“it wasn’t the cleverest things I’ve ever done supergluing a mask onto my face!” laughed Adam. “the combination of sweat, latex and superglue gave me chemical burns across my face, neck and chest!”

although honestly that wasn’t the most dangerous thing about shooting the video, roaming around town dressed as Donald Trump is pretty dangerous, we were followed round by a stabby gang of likely lads on bikes. You can see them occasionally in the background of the video.

I think only the blinding power of my Orange Trump tan held them off.”

So now Adam plans to raise funds selling his artwork in order to fund his Video Ambitions via a Patreon page:

“I have quite a few songs written, a lot of which I have Video ideas for, although my ideas are getting increasingly ambitious, unfortunately that means increasingly expensive.”

Adam has Synesthesia, a condition that means senses are muddled, people affected associate colours with sounds, letters and shapes. Adam sees people in colours and his paintings are reflective of that and is offering people the chance to buy original art from him each month. Which may not be a bad investment considering some of his recent sketches are selling for over £100 on eBay.

“I’ve always ‘felt’ colours associated with people, I’m really trying to represent this with my paintings, its not an easy thing to do.”

Adam is also offering his fans the chance of having their portrait painted by him in his own blood!

He’s literally bleeding for his Music.



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