The Uninc

The Uninc. (a.k.a. The Unincorporated) is a psychedelic rock band from Qualicum Beach, Canada.
Their sound is a kaleidoscopic blend of modern psychedelia and vintage influences, tipping their hats off to the warmth of 60s and 70s music. Their line-up consists of 4 musicians with a passion for entrancing rhythms and ensnaring melodies. These talented youngsters are influenced by artists like The Beach Boys, The Beatles and modern takes on vintage style like Mac DeMarco and Tame Impala
Swinging between the flair of jangle pop and the lush texture of psychedelic music, The Uninc. are all about creating introspective music that’s to easy on the ears, and thrilling to the soul, making for an eye-opening listening experience!
Their first single ‘South of the Border’ went viral on SoundCloud in 2017, getting over a million streams in a week.

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