Trevon Reed

1-When and why did you start doing dancing?

I started dancing at the age of 14. I started dancing because when I was younger I used to watch people on TV dance and that inspired me to become a dancer.

2-Which famous dancers do you admire? Why?

I admire Chrisgranted. He is my favorite and his style of dance stands out from everybody else.

3-Were you influenced by old dance movies? If so, which ones?

Yes, I was influenced by a lot of dance movies and Honey 2 was one of them along with Stomp The Yard, and Step Up.

4-Who are your favorite dancers or groups? 

My favorite dancers are Chrisgranted, Wildabeast, and Jusbmore. I don’t have a favorite dance group.

5-Have you been in competitions? Any prizes?

Yes I’ve been in dance competitions before and I won a $100 dollars.

6-Do you perform in public? Describe those occasions?

I only perform in public if we have talent shows or anything because where I live, dancing is not really around hazlehurst.

7-What kind of dancer are you?

I’m a Hip Hop dancer!

8-Why did you choose this kind of dancing?

I chose to be a hip-hop dancer because it shows who I am and there’s so many styles of hip-hop dancing.

9-Talk about your skills and your last work…

I’m a very versatile dancer and the show that I last appeared on is named BRING IT!

10-How do you feel about the internet in the dancing business?

I actually love the internet and dance business because everybody across the world gets to see what you got.

11-What are the plans for the future?

My plans for the future is to attend college and to continue my dance career. I also plan to have my own dance studio.

12-How has your style evolved since you first began dancing?

My dance style has improved a lot because I used to hold back, but now I’m always ready to showcase what I got.

13-Could you briefly describe the dance routine-making process?

I was bad at choreographing dance routines, but now I’m good with it. In the process of me making a dance routine I have to be focus and relax with a lot of energy to think of moves.

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