Trey Snow

Interview by: Tim Brown

1. Plans for the future? A: Yes, I’m currently working on a project called The Cast Presents – The Casting Tapes: Snow. It’s the most important project I’ve made so far because I think fans will better understand who I am.

2. How has your music evolved since you first began playing music? A: I would say life. I’ve been making music since I was 10 years old talking about things I hadn’t even experienced yet. Now that I’m 23 and have lived a lil but more you can hear it in my newer music.

3. When and why did I start playing music? A: I started making music when I was 10 years old. I was raised around my cousin and brother making music when I was really young and I thought it was cool. I didn’t start immediately at that point but I remember I became more aware of all the music around and how dope music it’s self is. I eventually landed in band around 4th grade playing the saxophone. I started rapping in 6th grade. I stuck with band until freshman year then shifted to sports. But I started making music because I enjoyed creating and sharing it and having people fuck with it. It’s a good feeling.

4. Which famously musicians do you admire? I admire Lil Wayne, Stevie Wonder, Rick James, Dipset and MAC DRE.
I admire these musicians because to me they are music. I feel like each artist has done so much for the culture no matter if they get the direct credit or not. They’ve influenced so many life’s it’s hard to really understand.

5. Were you influenced by old records & tapes? Yes. When I first started making music I was heavily inspired by the carter 3, dreganomics and all eyes on me.

6. Do you perform in Public? A: Yes. I’ve done a couple of shows. My first show was actually a show case event for San Quinn. It was pretty lit. I had just dropped Jesus with a football and I was performing all new songs and the crowd as fucking with me, so it was dope.

7. How do you feel about the internet in the music business? A: I think it’s dope. I’m an artist that came up using SoundCloud way early on, and just to see where artist can get using the internet to promote and market in the right way is the shit.

8. Why did you choose to make the type of music you do? A: I’ve made a lot of different types of music, but the stuff I’ve been making as of late is what just feels the most comfortable. I feel most comfortable talking about my life and reflecting on my issues or challenges so it’s just natural as far as vocals, and it’s pretty much the same with instrumentals what ever I’m feeling. I the beat has to have a lil yike too it. You gotta be able to catch wave and do yo lil groove.

9. Who is Trey Snow? A: I’m a 23 year old African American male. I was born in Oakland, California. I’m Apart of the CAST collective. I’m the CEO of Bohemian Lick House a culture and design hub for artists. I went to school for architecture but dropped out a few years in to focus on music. I’m currently living in LA.

G: Treysnowman

Twitter: Ogtreyg000se

Snapchat: ogtres_snow


I’m a 23 year old rapper based in Los Angeles, California. I’m originally from The North side of Oakland, California, but lived across the entire city. I moved from The bay to LA a year and a half ago for a business opportunity and to make music it’s been a fun getting immersed in the LA music culture because it’s similar to the Bay Area but hella different at the same time. I started rapping at the age of 10 or 11. My older brother was a rapper and my cousins use to rap so I was always interested and liked music but I wanted to be a doctor or an architect like Mr. Brady from the Brady bunch. My mom use to always make that reference. My earliest musical inspirations were lil Wayne, 2pac, Biggie, T.i, MAC Dre, Too short and E40. I like the music that comes from the area I was born in the most because it’s relatable. I’ ve released a lot of music via SoundCloud, reverbnation and YouTube. I’ve been on a hiatus from music but I’m back now and better than ever. ~ $now

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