Weekendson is a musical artist hailing from Iceland. This is a relatively small country in the north of Europe, but it is actually extremely impressive for its diverse and influential music scene. It’s mind-boggling to think of how many amazing musicians actually came out from Iceland, and it is not surprising to see that Weekendson is yet another innovative artist, bringing his passion to the audience. His music blurs the lines between rock and pop, with a diverse and forward-thinking twist. Weekendson is actually the brainchild of Jón Þór Helgason, who just released a self-titled album project. The album features 10 original songs, each blurring the lines between different idea and concepts. What I love about this release is definitely the fact that he combines seamless melodies with lush acoustic landscapes and energetic rhythm sections to finish it off.

One of the most distinctive thread lines throughout the entire album is how kaleidoscopic it is. Each song brings a breath of fresh air to the playlist, and there are so many different influences fueling this release. The first song on this release, “Dark,” features lush atmospheric ambiance and dreamy guitar lines. The beat slowly creeps into the song, becoming increasingly present. I love the serene atmosphere of this composition, as well as its ever-evolving presence. “Liar” has an interesting vibe, almost like an indie-rock mantra! The intro makes me think of “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones, and the rest of the song has a cool alt-rock vibe, reminiscent of Pavement or R.E.M. One of my favorite songs on this album is definitely “My Friend.” The orchestral arrangements are spot-on, giving the song a more dramatic feel and a deep, textural tone. “The Father,” also deserves a very special mention. This huge-sounding acoustic ballad has some beautiful lead guitar work and some passionate vocals, which reflect the composition’s personal nature. Ultimately, this is definitely a project for you if you enjoy iconic rock music with acoustic elements, pop melodies, and personable lyrics.

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