SOUNDGARDEN Gets Together To Work On New Music

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SOUNDGARDEN singer Chris Cornell said recently that the band had started working on material for its next album and he was apparently telling the truth: a photo posted at the group’s Facebook account on Wednesday (September 2), showed the band members in the studio with guitars in hand, with a caption underneath reading, “Working on new material this week.”

Cornell told The Pulse Of Radio last week that SOUNDGARDEN is working on its new music at a “relaxed pace.” The band’s last effort, “King Animal”, came out in November 2012.

Cornell also has a solo tour in the works and told Rolling Stone that he has “several other irons in the fire and things going that I won’t mention now.”

He told The Pulse Of Radio that he thinks it’s good for the band members to spend time on their own projects. “We all bring in our outside-the-band experiences back in, and that doesn’t seem to ever be anything but a good thing,” he said. “It’s great to sort of go out into a different world and come back with new understandings of how to write songs and how to record albums, and also just that sort of palate-clearing of doing something different.”

“Higher Truth”Cornell‘s fourth solo studio album, arrives on September 18 and features the single “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart”.

Cornell will begin a solo acoustic tour in support of “Higher Truth” on September 18 in San Diego, winding down on November 4 in Phoenix.