Adam Lambert Lambert on His New Look: ‘I Put The Flat Iron in the Attic’

If you’ve noticed Adam Lambert‘s new, scrubbed-down style—his style devolution, if you will—you’re not the only one. Still, in a new interview with Billboard, he says the change isn’t the result of extraneous pressure; just a natural shifting of his fashion-tide.

“More and more, I’m dressing how I actually dress,” he told the site during a shoot for its Men of Style issue. “It’s not so costumey as it used to be…I think classics are kind of my go-tos lately.”

“I’ve been asked with this album campaign, ‘Did you want to tone it down?’ It wasn’t that I was consciously [doing that], though,” he added. “It just shifted.”

Lambert says David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz and Elvis are his enduring style icons, who collectively represent a rock ‘n’ roll chic.

“I’ve put down a lot of the makeup,” he admitted. “I put the flat iron in the attic.”

Still, while sporting a silver snake skin motorcycle jacket, he confessed his version of wardrobe-restraint is relative.

“That’s my version of casual, which is not everyone’s version,” he said. “I’m not a whole new person. I’m still into my rock ‘n’ roll kind of glam; it’s just a bit more refined, I think.”

But is the cleaned-up Lambert here to say? He explained that the appeal of music and fashion is that they’re constantly in motion, and it’s anyone’s guess where is next look will land.

“As a pop musician, [trends] are part of my job; to reflect what people like,” he shared. “Production and the way something sounds are very much like fashion, where for a particular season people are gravitating toward something.”

Check out the full interview, and tell us if you’re a fan of the new Adam, or if you miss the heyday of Glambert.