Pirates of Panama – “Been There Before” first single!

Been_There_Before__Pirates_Cover_ArtUK natives Louis Collins and Ed Van Egan, collectively known as the Pirates of Panama, released their first single “Been There Before” in August. The song is off of their upcoming EP, The Chase, set to be released October 2, 2015.

We consider this track to be a mainstream power-rock radio classic! Pirates of Panama have an amazing energy and vibe, and besides that,  songwriting and music definitely measures up to what people need and want to hear on  rock-radio stations.

We have to say what inspired us to listen to them was their amazing ability to create real rock-music.

The Pirates worked with the multi-platinum, award-winning Simon Henderson to bring out the intricacies of their unique sound.

If you’re a  looking for music with a panoramic scope and the ability to challenge and inspire you, Pirates music will fit the bill.

We’re just going to say that if you like the real essence of rock music that’s interesting, creative, heartfelt, and played by talented musicians, who just plain rock the house down, Pirates of Panama’s “Been There Before” should be on your playlist!



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