LOST by PartOf3

LOST by PartOf3 (Written by Julian)
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We’ve climbed the tallest mountains
We’ve trekked the longest plains
and got very far
We’ve found ourselves in a field of trees
And Felt the chill autumn breeze
And we don’t know where we are

We’re lost in a world of endless possibilities
We’re lost in world where we can never see

We’re lost!

We’re lost!

We’ve been to and from
With luck that’s just plain dumb
Cause we’re together

We’ve traveled to hell and back
We’ve taken things slow and fast
But nothing last’s forever

We’re lost in a place where we are a team
We’re lost in a place we’ve never been

We’re lost!

We’re lost!

We’re lost.
We’re lost.
We’re lost.

We’re lost
We’re lost
We’re gone.

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