Beatle Things – Twist Shake Shout

Beatle Things began in 2014 and released a Cover of TWIST & SHOUT commemorating the Beatles 50th Anniversary of their US debut. The members who still remain anonymous also formed a Publishing Company called RoXX StarZZ Anonymous.

Their anonymity was a necessity as some of the members were still contracted to various Record Labels,and the fact they were all Hit makers and Grammy Musicians in their own right.
After releasing the first record published by RoXX StarZZ Anonymous/EMI they basically concentrated on other projects.

They were not aware that their version Of Twist & Shout was a huge success in the UK and Europe being streamed and added to Thousands of Playlists and was as equally popular as the Beatles original made in 1964.
Discovering where the Royalty checks were coming from they immediately created another takeoff on their first record.

Fast forward to 2019: Genre’s / Influences/and Demographics evolved and Beatle Things created their answer to the needed Modernization. Capitalizing upon Medical research conclusion that Dancing was a more Pleasant method of exercise and Weight loss, than the un-motivating diet and often failed High Impact workouts.

“As an alternative to the Electronic generic Beat forms of exercise Music” Beatle Things totally restructured their Twist and Shout and in March of 2019 released the Dance single Twist Shake Shout ( Workout Version). This record went Viral in select Dance Clubs in the US-UK-and Europe within 3 weeks.
Taking this popularity of Beatles music to the extreme.

In March 2019 Beatle Things and Publishing by RoXX StarZZ Anonymous / Sony ATV has seen the Creation of a New GENRE of Workout Music. The TWIST SHAKE SHOUT Dance/Workout and the Video placed herein is a demonstration that it’s Impact and Intensity are controlled by the individual.
There is much evidence of Music being instrumental in physical and Mental well being.

Beatle Things WEBsite: includes all recent compositions .

Beatle Things likes to sum it up this way: “We WERE THERE,and Now We’re HERE”

With the soon to be released Movie “YESTERDAY” and the recent Ariana Grande success eclipsing the Beatles Billboard records, Beatle Things will be more prominent to possibly include Tours,but Having FUN is the top priority. Be assured Beatle Things maintains the legendary sounds but refuse to be known as a Tribute or Grand Ma’s Beatle Music.

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