7 Vibes Journey | What you seek is seeking you!

We are delighted to announce the release of our new song! “Light” is the 6th vibe of the album “Beyond The Horizon”. It’s a 10 min track of a progressive rock with mystical persian melodies, which ignites connection and intuition in journey. Enjoy the powerful crescendo of the heroic era. You can own everything you see, We’ve just arrived, feel it! Come on closer, feel it We are beyond the horizon You can own everything you see We’ve just arrived, feel it Now it’s time to get in touch Deep inside, feel it What you seek is seeking you So crazy in every way Yeh … Jaye Dour Here’s Full Version Of Vibe 6 (Light): https://www.7vibesjourney.com/album https://soundcloud.com/7vibesjourney





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